Our identities, stories, and relationships make us who we are, why not become more knowledgeable in them?

With The Conversations Deck by the Racial Equity Therapist, learning about yourself and consciously communicating with others is made easy.

THe Racial Equity therapist 

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Want to become a more equity-minded and authentic communicator?

Are you tired of not knowing what to say when talking about race with your partner, family, and friends?

With the Conversations Deck, players will gain tools to have transformative conversations and learn more about themselves and their community.

Each question prompt sparks authentic conversation on our Histories, Identities, Relationship Dynamics, and Experiences. 

Each Conversations Deck  will cover four topic areas:

 As you work through each Card Deck, you move from
ConsciousMore ConsciousMost Conscious.

The Conversations Deck Is easy-to-use

care + Connection

plaY + Rest

worK + Finances

Love + intimacy

go from...

Why settle for folklore and family myths when you can substantiate the truth of your Identity stories.

when you can go from being scared of talking about the "hard stuff" to becoming the expert at challenging conversations.

Connection with our individual and community past and present.


From surface level conversation and issues with deep connection.


The Conversations Deck (Valued at $197)

Today's Price = $59.99

Have deep conversations that explore the most significant parts of our past and present life. Become the most knowledgeable and authentic you!


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Question cards

2 - 8

card players



The Conversation Decks comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Those who want to be thoughtful, race & identity conscious humans.

Those who are curious and want to have deeper, meaningful conversations on race and intersectional identities with their partners, friends, and peers.

The Conversations Deck is perfect for:

Those who would rather remain "colorblind" than become race-conscious.

Those who value complacency and "good enough" in relationships.

Those who do not care about relationship building.

The Conversations Deck is not for:

Those who don't care about their individual and communal histories

about my story 

I am a therapist specializing in race and relationships, as well as an identity equity strategist. With over five years of experience, I have helped individuals develop self and relational awareness, confront their racial histories and identity stories, and understand the connection between their body and mind. I have also facilitated challenging conversations and encouraged clients to take responsibility for the impact of their words and actions.

As a full-time therapist and strategist for over five and ten years, respectively, I have completed numerous workshops, read extensively, led countless discussions, and worked with hundreds of clients. My goal is to help people become more aware, race-conscious communicators and live accountable, authentic lives. Let's work together to build harmony and acknowledge the truth in your life.

MPH,LMFT – also known as the Racial Equity Therapist.


I'm domenique Harrison