Domenique is a curious, conscious, and reflective speaker who brings past, present, personal, and professional knowledge to discussions on race, relationships, and identity.

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Become an expert in speaking their truth, let go of perfectionism and constant productivity to find rest, and learn how their minds and bodies respond to challenges and opportunities in peer, family, friend, and romantic relationships.


Thoughtfully process past & present racial harms with colleagues, decisively incorporate racial context into your curriculum for graduate students, and innovatively integrate individual racial histories and social group stories of struggle and possibility.

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Become more empathic and accountable to each other, repair deep-seated relational wounds, and leave the space encouraged and motivated to start your new relationship with consciousness and curiosity.

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Let's help you repair relationships, communicate openly, connect to your racial stories, and live consciously.


"Communicate directly with our words & from our bodies, Heal ruptured connections, and explore how our past and present stories play a role in our relationships." - Me

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