My couples have said they never believed they communicate so clearly with their words or their bodies to their partners.

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The BIPOC women and femme I work with have never felt so authentic and so validated in their bodies, minds, and by their racialized stories.

BIPOC women/femme

As a race and relationships therapist, I help individuals become transformed through their racial histories, know their body-mind connection, prepare for challenging conversations, and own the impact of their words and actions rather than their intentions. 

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Hi, I'm domenique!

"Honoring race in our relationships takes consciousness and strength, but when done, it can lead us down a path towards transgenerational change." - Me

“The kind of change we are after is cellular as well as institutional, is personal and intimate, is collective as well as cultural. We are making love synonymous with justice.”

 Prentis Hemphill

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."


“It’s not our differences that divide us. It’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate differences.”


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I honor our body, mind, and history when doing my work.

I can see beyond someone’s defensiveness and help them be heard and healed.

I have a “say less” personal motto to prioritize active listening.

I am a continual learner who can hold space for diverse perspectives.

fun facts about me:

I played Basketball and sang in womxn only a ’Cappella group in college.

I read over 100 books a year.

fun facts about me:

I am a Los Angeles transplant who smiles at the sun.

I was born in New Jersey.

I am an early riser. I start the day with a long walk smiling in the sun and a high-intensity workout. Then I settle into the day with a warm cup of mushroom coffee by creating my daily playlist, setting of intentions, and writing my schedule.

How do I start my day?

 Mind-Body Connection

 Community Learning

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 Racial Consciousness


I have completed hundreds of workshops, read hundreds of books, led hundreds of conversations, and connected with hundreds of clients.

And through it all, I am determined more than ever to support humans of this world to become better communicators, build awareness, and live more racially conscious & authentically fulfilling lives. 

In order for folks to thrive, they need to learn about their bodies, their thoughts, their identities, and their histories. Working with me starts with us exploring your present challenges, and has a direct throughline to your individual, familial, and communal, racialized past. 

As a full-time therapist with 5 years of experience

I didn't want to see people moving through the world on autopilot, hurting themselves and others who matter dearly to them. 

I moved through the classes with ease but felt something was missing. I sought out external resources such as books, essays, and articles on race and racism, effective communication strategies, intergenerational trauma, and cultural narratives.

The extra learning helped in many ways, but wasn't enough when I started my work with clients. Most folks were wounded by unmet relational needs, disconnected from their racial familial & community histories, numb to their body responses, and ill-equipped when talking with partners, family, and peers about their hopes and hurts.

After entering my psychology graduate program,

 I worked in community care & crisis management leading educational events and planning responses to disaster emergencies. I have always had a heart for community learning, health, & wellness. 

However, I felt so far away from the community outcomes. I never really saw - first hand - the healing from my efforts. And I knew that working directly with individuals and small groups would give me the closeness I sought.

Before I became a race and relationships therapist,

that center their racial identity, connect their mind and body, and consider their history.

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I want everyone to become an expert at having  

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Thoughtfully process past & present racial harms with colleagues, decisively incorporate racial context into your curriculum for graduate students, and innovatively integrate individual racial histories and social group stories of struggle and possibility.

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Heal ruptured racialized connections, communicate with our words & our bodies, slowdown our responses, and explore the role unresolved transgenerational stories play in our relationships.

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