Learn how to build healthy relationships through race-conscious conversations

Race conscious communication for a Healthy Relationship


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 Are you searching for ways to talk to your partners, colleagues, and friends with more humility, curiosity, and empathy? Well then - The Racial Equity Therapist's Race conscious communication for a Healthy Relationship course - is for you...

conversations that are authentic, race conscious, and transformative with the folks in your life?

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The Race conscious communication for a Healthy Relationship Course is unlike any other race, communication, or relationships course. For one, its success is how it combines all three for incredible transformation.

In my 3 pre-recorded lessons course, folks will learn how to become a race-thoughtful & healthy partner, friend, and family member to their community

go from participating in mundane surface level conversations to leading deep and conscious dialogues. 

go from colorblind to race conscious

You want to have vulnerable conversations.

You believe that you can have better, more authentic, more conscious relationships.

You want to have a deeper connection with your partners & friends.

this course is for you if:

You want to have a normal relationship.

You would rather live on autopilot or unconsciously.

You are not open to expert advice from a Psychotherapist.

this course is not for you if:

Learn the reasons why talking about race and past and present racial experiences are challenging.

What makes having supportive conversations about race so hard?

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What's Inside:

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Learn why discussing our racial experiences matters for healthy relationships.

Why does knowing and sharing our racialized stories matter?


Learn strategies to have race-conscious conversations with partners, friends, and colleagues.

What are the components that make up great race-conscious conversations?



This meditation audio and video will invite viewers and listeners to first ground themselves in their body with a body scan and deep breathing. Once grounded, folks will reflect on a hope, a dream, or a goal in their life that they’d like to accomplish, and then shift their eyes from left, to center, to right to find the place where their eyes feel the calmest. Once that calmest eye position is found, they will gaze in that direction for 15 minutes. The goal of this exercise is to gain greater access, support, and clarity to reach one’s goals.

Selfspotting for a Hopeful Future: A Brainspotting Meditation

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mini course (Valued at $997)

Bonus meditation (Valued at $97)

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Learn how to build healthy relationships through race-conscious conversations

Race conscious communication for a Healthy Relationship


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"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

James Baldwin

“It’s not our differences that divide us. It’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate differences.”

 Angela Davis