navigating racial equity and justice issues with your staff and...

If you're a small business, educator, or a community group leader 

You yearn for an expert in racial equity, race, & racism to provide you with historical context, feedback, and solutions to your internal community needs and your external facing projects...

You are not quite sure how to process racial historical harm and reconnect with colleagues who’ve been hurt and disregarded because of their differences...

You lack the skills to honor intersectional identities and acknowledge diverse perspectives in your work community...

consulting that is at the intersection of race, identities, and colleague relationships.

...Then you need 

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Whether you are HR leader who wants to thoughtfully process past & present racial harms within your organization, an educator who needs to decisively incorporate racial context into your curriculum for graduate students.....

 A wellness practitioner who wishes to innovatively integrate individual racial histories and social group stories of struggle and possibility into your works with clients, consulting with me allows you to become a well-rounded and equity oriented supportive member of your community.

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Race & Relationships Consulting

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A leader who experiences a more complete, inclusive and racially historical connection to your support of and work with clients and colleagues.


A business leader who feels incomplete, lost, and insufficient in their work with clients and colleagues.



Small Business Leader 

I'm ready!

A connected and aware leader and educator who addresses racial harms and processes with thoughtfulness and ingenuity.


A disconnected community leader and educator unsure how to tackle past & present racial harm with members and students and lack awareness. 

before consulting


Community Leader & Educator

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