and you want to repair relationships, communicate openly, connect to your racial stories, and live consciously, then this is for you...

If you're an individual or couple

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With either a 1-day or a 2-day in-person weekend intensive, couples will go from disconnected and hurt to reconnected and restored. Partners will become more empathic and accountable to each other, repair deep-seated relational wounds, and leave the space encouraged and motivated to start their new relationship with consciousness and curiosity.


$175 - $350
 Per session

With either weekly or bi-weekly telehealth sessions, individuals will become an expert in speaking their truth, let go of perfectionism and constant productivity to find rest, and learn how their minds and bodies respond to challenges and opportunities in peer, family, friend, and romantic relationships.




With either weekly or bi-weekly telehealth sessions, couples will learn to acknowledge their racial identities, communicate effectively, value vulnerability and accountability, build authentic intimate connection, and honor each partner's voice, body, emotions, needs, and desires.


$200 - $400



This service is not for you have no interest in exploring racial context in your experiences and relationships.

You are curious.

You can benefit from tools to communicate better.

You want to be a better partner, You, friend, and family member. 

You wish to value your relationship more than you need to be right. 

You value your race and ethnicity and are curious about your racial history.

Want to communicate with your partner with more clarity, empathy, and directness.

Desire to learn the depths of your racialized stories to build greater self-awareness.

Race & Relationships Therapy is for you if:

I'm ready!

It's time to have harmony, know your history, and become the whole authentic you.

I can help you get there.

Partners share their needs and wants directly, move through challenges thoughtfully, understand their racial and transgenerational relationship narratives, and are restored and repaired.

after therapy

Struggling to communicate their needs and wants clearly and disconnected from intergenerational understandings of love.

before therapy


couples therapy

An individual thrives with flexible thinking, embraces failure as a lesson, knows their racial history, and honors themselves more fully, mistakes and all. 

after therapy

Struggling with all or nothing thinking, scared to fail, and ruled by perfectionism.

before therapy



Let's work together


will learn the cycle or harmony-disharmony-repair, practice communicating their needs and wants directly, overcome perfectionism and comparison, become whole by accepting their identities and racial stories, and step more fully into themselves: 

Race & Relationship therapy is therapy at the intersection of race and relationships. Individuals or couples interested in seeing Domenique,

Here's how you can work with me



How long are the sessions & what are your rates?

A typical therapy session is about 50 - 60 minutes, but most folks I work with value meeting for 90 minutes or 2 hours at a time to settle into discussing current challenges, experiences, and goals. 


Individuals: 50 minutes  - 2 hours ($175 - $350)

Couples: 50 minutes - 2 hours ($200 - $400)

How long do I need to be in therapy?

I often work with folks for up to a year. However, I know that maintaining a healthy and supportive relationship with a therapist can be one of the most life-affirming experiences for many folks.

That said, I check in with folks on their accomplished goals every 4 months, explore if new goals should be added, and collaborate with individuals and couples if ending our work after 1 year or working together beyond 1 year aligns with their lifestyle. 

How do we get started?

First, sign up for a 15-minute free consultation with me. We will discuss your needs and goals and I will share what working with a race and relationships therapist is all about.

If it feels like a good fit, each person or couple will complete a set of forms, and plan our first session and beyond. 

What does therapy at the intersection of race and relationships mean?

Therapy at the intersection of race and relationships means that folks who work with me learn how our intergenerational our histories and relationship patterns impact their current communication & connection challenges.

And once we know more about our individual identities and community narratives, we can relate flexibly, grow steadily, and communicate thoughtfully with our partners, family, & peers.  

Everyone should be able to connect to their racial histories, relational patterns, and community truths with the learning styles that make them feel affirmed and heard.

Through multifaceted services and materials, anyone can connect to the truth of their experiences, identities, stories, and body-mind connection.

How do you work as a therapist?

I use a Decolonizing, Black Feminist, Relational, and Anti-Oppressive lens.

Anti-Oppressive - Oppression exists in our society. Acknowledging it and exploring ways to lessen its impact on an individual, institutional, and systemic level with folks is a must.

Black Feminist - Black womxn are inherently valuable. The mental and physical liberation of Black womxn can and will lead to the liberation of all folks experiencing marginalization.

Decolonizing - Colonization happened and we live in the aftermath of its violence, power hoarding, cultural erasure, and dehumanizing practices. Grounding folks in this truth leads to greater curiosity, critical thinking, and flexibility.

Relational - Our relationships shape who we are, what we think, and how we live. Building healthy relationships will lead to healthy and restored individuals.

How do you incorporate the mind and body into therapy?

Through Brainspotting, Polyvagal Theory, & Embodiment Practices

Brainspotting, created by David Grand, is a focused mindfulness technique that pinpoints, processes, and releases core Brain-body sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation, and other challenging symptoms. Brainspotting treats traumatic experiences and events, improves artistic and sports performances, and increases access to positive goals and dreams in one's life.

Polyvagel Theory, created by Stephen Porges and made clinically practical by Debra Dana, is about understanding our body’s nervous system and exploring how certain experiences shape how our nervous system responds to safety, trauma, and social connection.

Embodiment Practices, grounded in Prentis Hemphill's Embodiment Basics and Resmaa Menakem's Somatic Abolitionism work, are practices that connect our body and body responses to our individual and communal experiences and global histories to heal ourselves, our body-to-body interactions, and the larger world. 

Why do you have a newsletter, course, podcast, card game, and therapy services all related to race and relationships?

I believe that everyone should have access to information in a way that appeals to their styles of learning.

With multiple opportunities to learn, everyone can become an expert in their own identities, stories, body responses, and minds.

Ready To Become the most authentic and racially conscious YOU for You, Your Partners, Your Family, and Your Peers?

Sign up for a  free 15-minute free consultation where you will discuss your needs and goals, and I will share what working with a race and relationships therapist is all about.

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